DEFIANT fieldwork update, December 2022

By Gaelle Veyssiere

Dash-7 aircraft on the runway at Rothera

We arrived in Rothera on Monday 5th December. After training to navigate around the station and the recreational areas, we started cracking up on the tasks to do. The land ice team (Andy Shepherd and Ines Otosaka) prepared their corner reflectors and carried on deploying them on land ice on Adelaide Island before the Dash-7 team (Isobel Lawrence, Sebastian Bjerregaard Simonsen, Carl Robinson and Gaelle Veyssiere) flights. In the meantime, the Dash-7 team started planning the flights and preparing the Dash-7 to operate the science survey. We are very lucky as we’ve mostly had clear weather and the conditions are optimal for the campaign. The land ice team are now collecting and analysing land ice cores while the Dash-7 team survey the satellite orbit tracks daily. Life on station is great, everyone is supportive and helping and it is an amazing environment to work from.

Members of the DEFIANT team posing infront of the Dash-7 aircraft

Andy Shepherd preparing corner reflectors on Adelaide Island