WP4 synthesis and dissemination

WP4 – Synthesis, Dissemination, and Training & Education


•(i) the knowledge gained is promoted and disseminated to the widest audience;

•(ii) training and education activities are provided;

•(iii) a White Paper on the State of Antarctic sea ice

Task 4.1 focuses on stakeholder dissemination and communication. Our regularly updated website will be the main portal for internal and external communication. In addition to presenting results at scientific conferences, we will utilise BAS’ links to direct our outreach to meet known stakeholders needs. Dedicated social media channels will deliver timely communication of key announcements, and our annual newsletter will provide information regarding DEFIANT activities. We will work with Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS; see LoS) to ensure a broader uptake of DEFIANT activities through access to their networks, as well as a presence on the SOOS website.

Task 4.2 focuses on Training and Education. We will implement an appraisal and monitoring system to track and document the professional development of scientists within our project. We will establish a scientist-exchange fund that allows our early career researchers (ECRs) to perform research at Partner organisations for short periods of time. This to encourage interaction with institutes beyond their own, and establish lifelong collaborations both nationally and internationally. We will provide support mechanisms to enable ECRs to function at a higher level of responsibility, such as being WP or Task leads/co-leads. To enhance public understanding of science, in particular STEM, we will professionally produce a series of short education films to explain the importance and relevance of Antarctic science. These will be filmed at Partner institutes as well as during field campaigns. They will be screened at public meetings, conferences, and social networking sites.

Task 4.3 will produce the White Paper and associated Town Hall meeting. The White Paper is a clear and concise document that provides the latest information, interpretation and expert advice on Antarctic sea ice, including possible impacts resulting from a sudden reduction in ice extent and new modelling tools developed under DEFIANT. Given the importance of this document to stakeholder groups we will organise a Town Hall meeting to present the White Paper to decision makers.